Friday, October 02, 2015

Interesting Reading - Harold Hackett Message in a bottle

Well who would have thought that message in a bottle works, read one mans story of how he sends messages in a bottle and they arrive, Harold Hackett does just that.

This Vimeo creator and CEO published about about getting back to nature called CabinFever CabinPorn and unplugging from the rat race we live in. Holy Moly I think they published the whole book on this blog.

Heartwarming story of a nurse reunited with her burn victim 20 years later via facebook Amanda Scarpinati

FB's or Friendship Books read this interesting article. I have only known FB in the crafting world where we decorate a book destined for someone else and they have no idea its been made for them until they receive it then they make a book for the original designer who started their book in return.

Interesting accidental photograph of a Wedding Couple at Sydney Harbour, I dont think you could plan this any better

A tear jerker Wedding where a brides father took the step father down the aisle to both walk her down

This sink hole happened last weekend near where we went camping this year and drove through to go to Fraser Island last month, pretty scary happened around midnight. Experts say its more of a sand slide because earth quakes have been happening close by.

I stumbled upon this blog that shows isolated cabins around the world, just looking at the pictures is so serene CABIN FEVER and this amazing treehouse video of it  being built. I would be scared of the tree rotting and falling over eventually.

A dough for everything,just what a cook needs right HERE


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  2. Thanks for the links Bridget - made for some interesting reading :-)

  3. I really enjoyed reading all those interesting titbits. I liked the tree house video. Thanks Bridget.


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