Friday, October 16, 2015

Interesting Reading

Interesting reading about USA mail and posting requirements

Australian postal guidelines

How/where to find penpals.

Another penpal site

Rescuing burnt food

An amazing house transformation that took blood and guts and the original house cost $10,000

I love Capellas, mesmerising and this one of Hotel California is one of my favourite, done with out a band

Woman finds Handwritten Letters from 1915 in ceiling and returns them to their family, heartwarming story-Atlanta Georgia USA

My Dream Home had a walk around it and it was to die for

Wonderful rags to riches Philipino The Voice winner Lyca Gairanod taking her family out of poverty at such a young age

Pay it forward Rosa's $1 pizza, such a heartwarming story of generosity

A Classic example to never judge a book by its cover, A US ARMY Veteran was left a note on his car saying he didnt LOOK HANDICAPPED, his come back note was classic and humble and to the point.

There is a text/email/phone tax scam going around Australia, who knows it may hit other countries, I myself have been targeted by it via sms and email but ignored it.

Amazing behind the scenes from the AFP view of MH17

It's sad when loved ones deploy to save the rest of the world and put their lives on the block to save us, here is a story of what deployment does to those left behind. And HERE is her blog to follow their journey of deployment.

I have also followed this story for years of Stephanie Howell whose husband is currently deployed to Italy but the whole family is there, I have seen her twins born and now she is about to give birth to another one, awesome woman and guy

HUMANS OF NEW YORK what a great thing this guy did with one goal, to take photos of 10,000 people and talk to them

Gorgeous photography of a mums dedication to dressing up her little girl for the current occasions and celebrations WILLOW

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