Friday, October 02, 2015

PCAD 73 - NL 3156470 Lineke in the Netherlands

 I received this from Lineke, she writes there is not much room to write on 2 sheashell (sic) or draw but she did manage to draw some pictures and do a bit of zentangle I never thought to draw the weather and put the temperature, the things I learn everyday from receiving a random postcard from Postcrossing


  1. What a lovely postcard Bridget - as you say, what you learn from your incoming cards is always fascinating.

  2. I like it! 'De Wadden' are the mall islands along the north coast of the Netherlands. My blogpost of Monday 6 Octobre features two cards of that same island chain that stretches out over the north German coast.
    I like the fact she has depicted the weather. Good idea! (And I like the zentangles of course)


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