Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WOYWW 332 - A Day of Fun with the Ladies

 Shock horrow, I had to find a place for two friends to come around and craft for the day. My usual desks did not work so I had to clear of the dinning table that lives in the craft dungeon. This is the lovely clean table. My daughter gave me the chalkboard you see hanging upside down, she keeps writing on it upside down and I dont have the heart to rub it off so I just hang it like that hahaha.

 I took over the table with my Galaxy Envelope decorating, Doreen kindly let me take over her side of the table to dry off my envelopes as she had finished all her projects by then and we were just sitting around chatting.
I didnt take a photo of the mess when the ladies were here, this was the cleaned up version that will hopefully stay like that and I have a work top to work on from now on because all the other desks are chockablock. Yep my craft room is the kitchen and the laundry as well, I told the ladies all I needed was a bed in there and I'd never have to go upstairs hahahaha.
 A close up of stuff. The two Christmas cards were Doreens contribution to the projects we did. I forgot to photograph Annette's which was Christmas themed and mine is the tiny little fridge magnet holder beside the bone folder and has a calendar on it. It can hold a quote that turns into a bookmark or a gift card

Of course we had to have food, I provided the lunch of make it your own sandwiches in the form of triangle bread rolls. It was a yummy experience. We sat outside to eat as the table was full of craft stuff. Still bummed that I forgot to take a photo of us crafting and making a mess, oh well we were having too much fun for me to remember!!! LOL

There was a craft fair on last week. This is the first craft fair I have attended since we moved to Brisbane so I had no idea what to expect. It had a lot of quilting stalls, so wasn't the best crafting show, I will have to attend the other two earlier on in the year to judge what is the best show. Can you see my scissors haul LOL. I will never run out nor worry if I lose one now hahahaha.

Joining Julia's Stamping Ground and her fan of Deskers for a sneak peak around the world


  1. I look forward to a day when I can spend the day doing craft instead of cleaning up the kids craft mess. Looks like you had a lovely day.

  2. Love your lack of table space ;-) and it sounds like a wonderful day crafting. Your craft fair haul looks marvelous, and if I see right the Inka Gold paste you have there means that you are in for a treat playing with it.

  3. What a lot to look at this week.LOVE the healthy food, and all those crafty goodies in the last photo.Love the lettering(Initials.

  4. OK you win on most scissors in a desk great pics of your day creating and lots of Washi to play with Hugs Nikki 7

  5. It's always so lovely to craft with with friends isn't it? And all day too…. bliss! Lunch looks fab and the things you made are great too.
    Have a happy week
    Lynda B 3

  6. Well done on regaining top spot - love the huge table for your crafting - and the upside down Merry Xmas chalkboard in the background.. the triangle rolls look gorgeous. The stencils you commented on are crafters workshop ones, my favourite brand. looking forward to playing with them soon! Helen 5

  7. Looks like a great time was had by all. Love the collection of goodies you picked up at the craft fair. sandra de @9

  8. Great photos and I bet you all had a mighty good time. The dark galaxy project looks interesting and I love the monogram letters.
    That chalk board made me smile. BTW the lunch looks scrummy. I think I'll pop over!
    Have a good week,

  9. Fantastic Bridget just wish I could have been with you but I am doing a workshop for some ladies on Saturday. It feels like a long time since I was teaching so it should bring back some interesting memories just have to remember they are not school children.
    Have a lovely woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 27

  10. What a fab day! and WOW that is a lot of scissors! I have about 6 pair but still manage to lose them when i need them.Have a great Week Soojay xx 18

  11. What a great time you must have had! Wonderful friends, wonderful food and lots of great crafting! Glenda #30

  12. Happy WOYWW and congrats on the top spot. Loving all of your photos and your words. The lunch is making me hungry (although I have 2 hours until lunch). Yes, I think you should set up your bed there and then you need never leave the room (except for the bathroom!). What a fabulous crafty stash from the fair. The ribbons/washi tape caught my eye. I can remember having spending sprees like that - which is why my credit card is now taking me 2 years to pay off ! Ali x #33

  13. Well you certainly were very organised and you fed your ladies too. The cards you made look lovely.

    What a lot of great crafty stuff you managed to find. Have fun playing with it all. Barb #34

  14. Wow you've been busy, looks fun! Take care Zo xx 32

  15. Just spreading out a wee bit are you Bridgit, sounds like you all had a fun crafty time and enjoyed your day. Happy WOYWW Cheers RobynO#25

  16. Never mind about taking over your house, I think you'll be taking over the world...craft wise that is :-) I'm glad you had a fun day with your friends and I always forget to take photos too, lol!
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xxx

  17. how great to work with your friends. I think you'll have a nice day together. Groeten uit Nederland

  18. An entire day dedicated to crafting - bliss. Thanks for sharing. Jumbleberries xx

  19. I sounds like you had a fun and busy day! I love the new stuff!

    Greetings, Sofie #46

  20. What a fun day with friends. Food looks delish! Looks as if you found some toys at the craft fair. yay for new toys!

    Oh... on the translating page thing, I've found if I try it a second time then it goes through. Don't know if you tried that on her page or not. Creative Blessings! Kelly #42

  21. Oh what a lovely way to spend a day! I have a dream that one day i will have a craft room with a table i can dare to leave all my work nearly piled rather than a cupboard and the kitchen table!! Thanks for stopping by my desk, happy crafting, Max #47

  22. I think your friends must love playing in your crafting dungeon and they get a delicious lunch too! Those galaxy envelopes look beautiful and the fridge magnet sounds like a great idea :o) Annie C #35

  23. Crafting with friends is always a joy, good friends and good food and lots of fun!

    Your haul is quite impressive, so many goodies, Bridget!

    Happy WOYWW!
    :)trisha, #52 this week
    with paint, a shelf and a bench

  24. Oh, what fun to have friends in to craft! And the food looks delicious. I love your postcard at the beginning too. Always fun to visit you, Bridget. Thank you! #53

  25. Oooh lots of gorgeous goodies in your creative space this week, Bridget, and what fun to have friends around to have fun with! The food looks great too. Thank you for your lovely comment and I can't wait for it all to be over now - it's been a long haul! I am feeling very positive and looking forward to so many things now. So glad you like the Florabunda. I painted one of the mandala ones with perfect pearls this evening and it looks lovely - all shimmery! I am having such fun with it all, and really enjoying my card factory too, which I didn't think I would!

    I love your delapidated building at the top of your blog - hahaha! I think the four stars probably fell out of the heavens and landed on it lol! I love pics like this too, and thinking about the history of the old places and what went on in them before they were delapidated.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #27

  26. ooh that is awesome your friends could join you and lunch looks like it was totally yummy too. fun stuff followed you home from the show and I am curious about the scissors. ( do you have to hide them from mr. crafty?)

    ( I hide my ribbon cutting scissors so no one uses them for paper haha) thanks for the earlier visit. ~Stacy #50

  27. Happy WOYWW, Bridget! Oh yes, I know what you mean about keeping the pencil shavings. I have a bag of that somewhere but since I never used them, I've promised myself to throw this batch away!
    What fun to have a crafting day with friends! The food looks so good and healthy! My, what a lot of new goodies to play with. Wow! What a lot of scissors. Such cute colors!
    Oh, I had a laugh with your blog topper!
    Thanks very much for visiting!
    Blessings, peggy aplSEEDS

  28. Hi Bridget,

    What a great time you had with friends! I'm envious of all your crafting space. I still don't have a true designated area unless you count my comfy chair where I knit. For not being a great craft fair I'd say you walked away with a lot of goodies!!! You can never have too many scissors.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (41)

    PS Thanks for the food photos! tee hee

  29. Sounds like a lovely day with your friends! Love that you have so much room for crafting. I haven't visited your blog before, but am doing a blog comment challenge, 300 in 30days, and found you on Julia's WOYWW:)


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