Thursday, February 04, 2016

A Month of Letters - also Thank a Mailman Day 4

Well today is Thank a Mailman Day so I have two mail people to thank. One from Australia Post who delivers to my house. It is so hot here I cant leave anything edible in the sun. I may have to stalk the postman and hand him a bottle of water, but I  do have to thank my mail lady at my P O Box Wah Tun and Greg....hmmm now what to do. I have previously given her mango pickles, jam, curries I've cooked. She's given me fresh lettuce, lemon, okra seedlings from her garden.

So this is my mailbox right outside my front door, so lucky to have this, I do however have to have stamps on hand to be able to use this one. People often park in front of our house and I hear them open the letterbox to post their letters. So I can post all day long, I have gone out there at midnight to post my letters hahaha. It gets collected once a day at 6pm but I have seen the van come anytime between 5pm and 6pm so mental note to self to post before 5pm if I want the mail to go out that evening.

February is a Month of Letters where we send at least one piece of mail a day via snail mail to someone.


  1. Love that photo Bridget - and how convenient to have the box just outside your place!!

  2. Handy having a postbox right there. Funny, there are two down the street from me, but I have never used them. I almost always go to the post office.

    And since you're on a month of letters, would you like to see one of yours show up in a film? Here's the site to see if you're interested in sending one in.

    And they just reached 100 envelopes... some really amazing ones in the bunch.

    1. Thanks for that Phillip, I will think about it

  3. I'm lucky I can walk down the hallway and post a letter any time day or night, too. Don't even have to go outside. Which is nice when it's 20 below zero!
    That is so nice you do things for your mail carrier! I've never heard of anyone doing that here, but I suppose some people must.

  4. I don't think we have that here in Spain (the mail person appreciation day). But it is a very good idea. So nice of you to give your mail person something.
    You are lucky to have a mailbox so close. I have to walk to the other side of the village. The postbox is a hole in the wall of the postoffice. I buy stamps once a month and don't need to go into the post office (long queues sometimes). The mail gets collected at 13:00 hrs and today I have missed it. Drat! It is Bank Holiday so mail won't go out until Tuesday. Oh well....


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