Tuesday, February 02, 2016

T for Tuesday yummy Soup and Mango Pickle

This soup started off as pork bone soup with carrot, corn, cabbage ginger until I went to eat it then I realised I had forgotten to season it. So the version below has Laksa cup a soup added for flavour, it was the best.

So it's mango season here in Queensland. I love summer only for the abundance of exotic fruits we can get here. So I sunned it out but had to cover it from the birds and insects
Then I mixed it with toasted garlic and pickle spices from a packet, easiest and yummiest. I just googled mango pickle as I would like to make it from scratch and found this RECIPE

Bottled and ready for sunning for a few weeks to preserve it

Joining Elisabeth and Bluebeard for T for Tuesdays


  1. Hmmm - interesting that you 'sun' your pickles to preserve them - new to me :-) your soup looks fabulous too.

  2. I sun dry my roma tomatoes that way, and I've found that I have to keep them covered to keep the bugs off. I've never had dried or pickled mangoes before, so that is quite new to me.

    Gotta love that cup of soup. I can live on ramen noodles, and I think it's a similar product. Of course, your pork and veggies probably made yours better than what I would eat. It DOES look yummy.

    Thanks for sharing your soup and your dried and pickled mangoes with us for T this Tuesday.

  3. Your food looks soooooooooooooooo good. Mangos are always extremely expensive here, so don't get to eat many. Enjoy your pickles when they are ready. Happy T day, hugs, Valerie

  4. You're inspiring me to cook soup :) yours looks so good! I've never had mango and never heard of pickling it. Sounds fun. Happy T Tuesday!

  5. I think of soup as summer food, too, but here in Sweden most people associate it with deep, cold winter, which is what we are having right now. Yours look absolutely delicious! Happy T-Day!

  6. I'm curious too as to what 'sunning' is. We have sun-dried tomatoes here, which are dried in the sun until shrivelled and dry, but that takes weeks.
    The soup really looks delish!

  7. sounds yummy...I am also not familiar with "sunning" pickles...here in the North I have only made 'sun-tea,' where the sun (in summer) will brew the tea in a big jar. thanks for sharing! happy T day!

  8. Yummy looking soup! And I've never had a mango pickle but would love to taste one!

  9. After reading this and seeing your photos I'm suddenly hungry! The soup looks so good, and so do the mangoes. I've never heard of sunning them. Sounds interesting.

  10. Some foods I have never even seen before.
    I heard you are doing A Month of Letters, too. Nice! :)
    Happy T-Day! :)


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