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A Month of Letters - Day 29 Leap Year - The final leg

February is a Month of Letters where we send at least one piece of mail a day via snail mail to someone.

Well the month has ended and what a month it has been with high drama for me. I only set out to write 29 pieces of mail for February. I then found letters I needed to reply to that I had received from last year and new mail came in from Lettermo. I managed to mail not only a letter a day but several which I posted about HERE in several posts.

My total count for the month was 207...and it didn't even feel like that. I felt really connected especially to those that I had reconnected with from school 30+ years ago. I also replied to most emails via snail mail. Just goes to show how much and how many people I communicate with. 
Week 1 was 31 letters

Week 2 -3 was  41
This project and postcrossing is wonderful for children whose innovative teachers have signed the class up for trading postcards from around the world. I was lucky to draw the above address to send to the US to a class of students. I enclosed a few cards not just one.

Below will be an ongoing project for which I signed up to. 26 x 5 year olds will each receive a postcard from me in this parcel showing various aspects of Australia and animals etc that they can learn from in their class.

I didnt want to miss out on the leap day postmark so I sent hubby and myself an envelope each. Mine is empty but hubby's has a note inside, the stamps is the year of the monkey as that is his birth year.

Week 4 and total for the month = 207
I took all these envelopes and box to the post office and left it there for my post lady to hand cancel, I went back 2 hours later and picked them up and brought them home to photograph and then took them back to post.

These are the badges I've achieved 
A Spot of Mail-To earn this badge, just send out a single piece of mail.

Birthday- Send a birthday card.
Think you don't know anyone with a birthday in February? Make sure to check the forums, because I know, for a fact, that we have members born in February.

Two bags overflowing with mail

Fan Mail - I sent mine to Harrison Craig who was the winner of The Voice .
Send mail to someone you admire. This doesn't have to be a celebrity. It can be a teacher, an author, or your mom. The focus of the letter is to tell the person specifically why you think they, or their work, is awesome.

Austen Style - I sent one out to my Austen Style penpal Lady Cassandra Lin- I have yet to find some wax seal.
A letter written as though it were the early 1800s. Folded, sealed with wax and perhaps written with a quill.

Girls Love MailGirls Love Mail - I sent one out but aim to send more during the year
To unlock this badge, participate in our sister program “Girls Love Mail” and send a letter of support to a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient. Simply sign up and report back when you’ve sent your letter. For more information,

International - I have sent many of these.
internationalYou sent mail to someone in another country.

soldierMail a service Member - I sent one to any airman - a lady in the airforce
Send a letter to a member of the armed services. Don’t know one? There areseveral organizations that pair service members with penpals, or you can just send an expression of support without expecting a reply.

PrintMail Art - I love decorating my envelopes


Package - Many packages sent this month

explorerUsed a new Mail box - This is for the postal explorer. Try sending your missives from different mailboxes to get to know your neighborhood.

20140208_week-of-mailA week of mail - You've sent mail every day for a week.

Two weeks of Mail - You've managed to send mail every day for two weeks. Well done!

Three Weeks of mail - You've sent mail every day for three weeks. So close! You're nearly there.

Leap Day - 

On February 29th, go to the post office and ask them to hand cancel your letter in order to get the rare February 29th cancellation.

My desk/dining table which was dedicated to this project during the process. I have food and liquid to sustain me LOL. One would think that after all this writing I would put pen down and stop and be tired, but it has had the opposite effect on me and I want to continue. No doubt there will be letters arriving in march for this project that I have promised to answer. So for me the journey isnt ending but it is just beginning. Here's to another year of snail mail and forgetting about technology.

See you next year Lettermo and InCoWriMo

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  1. Oh my goodness Bridget this is an amazing feat - well done!!


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