Friday, February 12, 2016

A Month of Letters - Day 12 - Ana and Paulo - Parents of Postcrossing

I have always wanted to send a thank you to the creators of Postcrossing but never got around to asking for their address until Ana posted about Month of Letters. So I asked her for her snail mail address and this is what she is getting.

I decorated this shoe for a challenge and made it into a postcard.

February is a Month of Letters where we send at least one piece of mail a day via snail mail to someone.


  1. Oh Bridget - what a stunning original this is, and then to turn it into such a beautiful postcard is genius.

  2. Stunning! She will be well pleased with this. You probably have had to send it in a box!
    But she (they) certainly deserve a big Thank You. Well done you!


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