Tuesday, February 02, 2016

A Month of Letters - Day 2

Second day and still going strong. Finding a new letter box everyday is an awesome idea. I have been more aware of the surroundings and what is around my area. So its school drop off time which is around 7am-9am and you've got to drive 40kms an hour in the are or risk a speeding fine.

 This photo is near the local shopping centre and that lady learning by the post is called a Lollipop Lady-usually retired ladies who work between 7-9 am and again 3-4pm stopping the traffic with their lollipop (thats what it looks like) sign and guiding the children across the road.
 This letter box was right at the crossing. I also walked past a shop and that dome glass is sweating in this heat

My letters for the day: A Spot of Mail, International, package, reply, birthday, package 

I came across this site via Month of Letters, what a great idea these Shoe Boxes are for those in need


  1. What a great organisation to send a letter to.

  2. Well done you! Keep it up!
    I thought that lollipop ladies were a typical British thing... I'm glad they have them in Oz too.


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