Thursday, February 04, 2016

A Month of Letters - Day 3

Day 3 Postbox was at my bigger shopping centre, this centre is in Chermside and has lots of great shops all on one level, I love going there if need to get out of the house. The letter boxes sit outside in the carpark. That sign is adverting Bundaberg beer

I love these chairs they provide in the shopping centre to sit down if you get weary. The chairs above are huge, if i sat in it there would still be a foot of chair above my head-that is how high they are. Below is a very unusually shaped chair at the other end of the centre


  1. You seem to be sending a large number each day so far - impressive! And quite an interesting idea to seek out different places to post letters each day. I am stuck in my routine of where I mail mine. Plus here in the US the mail person will also pick up from the house when delivering incoming mail.

    1. I am determined to make lots of mailboxesers happy like you did for me Phillip

    2. Just going on the great pictures of you putting mail in the postbox each day, I would say you've accomplished it!

  2. I'm going to try to mail 24-29 letters this month, too. Doing okay, but not ahead in the numbers. I do love snail mail. :)

  3. What a great bundle of mail Bridget, and so colourful! Love those seats in the mall.

  4. Some more mail boxes. There are two mail boxes in our village. One at the post office which i just literally a hole in the wall where your mail falls in a sack inside the post office. The other one is in front of the main church. It is yellow. We don't have express boxes.
    Great to see you are still on track.


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