Saturday, February 06, 2016

A Month of Letters - Day 6

 This postbox was situated at another shopping centre I go to in Aspley.
 They have this wonderful service where they put bigger parcels into a locker box, I think you rent it or something, I must go and find out about it and how it works. They have a hole in the wall, if you have something to collect that the postman couldnt fit into your house postbox then you collect it from the hole in the wall. I didnt take a photo of it because there was someone there. I am very conscious about taking photos in public.

 Check out all those postboxes. I wouldnt like to have the one in the top row

Again I didn't notice my favourite coffee shop is on the way to this Shopping centre. After this month of challenge I must pay attention to my surroundings and what exist on my drives LOL

So my Day 6 letter is a reply that I had since Dec? Life caught up with me, I don't normally take that long to reply to a letter. check out the new Year of the Monkey stamp.

I usually try and make my envelopes interesting, so I got one of those adult colouring books and make envelopes out of them so the recipient can colour in the envelope if they so wish 

 February is a Month of Letters where we send at least one piece of mail a day via snail mail to someone.

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  1. What a great way to make your envelopes Bridget - I am colouring one of them, and thought maybe I could used the coloured images for an envelope!


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