Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Month of Letters - Week 2 - Tweed Heads

Week 2 at Tweed Heads where I was doing my course, each morning I would go to a new beach to look at the waves etc and get some nice fresh sea air and clear my head ready for 9 hours of information overload.
I found this postbox by the ocean and it had this view, it was a blowy day and the waves were really crashing, which was a lovely sound.
So I'm doing catchup photos as I wrote previously that I could not get on the computer or anything technology due to a massive headache and nausea when I tried. Some days I just had to lie and sleep and some day I could write. It was quite debilitating

Tomorrow is the last day and I have a huge post for Month of Letters

February is a Month of Letters where we send at least one piece of mail a day via snail mail to someone.


  1. This is my favorite of the posting boxes you've shown so far. Looking forward to your final letter month post tomorrow.

    1. Really? whys is that? The postbox looks the same as the others, just has some surf behind it LOL

  2. Love the sound of the surf on a rough day - and look at those amazing envelopes - and how clever are you at hiding the addresses!

  3. Wow! So many letters and cards! Now hope you get some replies!


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