Saturday, February 06, 2016

From The Heart - Snail Mail Lovers

I came across this project that some of you may want to participate in. Because its on Facebook I have to copy the whole post otherwise no one will find it, unless you scroll till your mouse falls off the desk LOL.

Finnbadger I know you will/may want to do this.

From the Heart is a community project

Request for assistance with Canadian film project!
"Hello all snail mail lovers!
I am a Canadian filmmaker attending a film school where my current project is to make a documentary. As a mail enthusiast it was easy to me to decide what I want my project to be about - SNAIL MAIL. This is where you guys come in...
I need help in two areas,
1. I need LOTS of mail for the shots so if you helped me out by sending some my way then that would be fantastic. I am looking for a variety of interesting mail art, even postcards, just really cool pieces to include in the shots. I want to show how creative snail mailers are, how people really think outside of the box to make awesome mail in this digital age. You can even leave the inside empty if you want, or you can include a letter - either is appreciated! If you do send a letter, give a little introduction to yourself and look at number 2 to see an idea of some questions you can answer in it!
Here is the campus mailing address where I will be picking up the mail for the film:
Haley Klassen
3737 Wascana Parkway
Luther College
Regina, SK
S4S 0A2
2. The second thing I need is your personal stories of why snail mail is meaningful to you. Why did you get started? How has it changed your life? What motivates you to choose snail mail over texting? Maybe a touching/funny story that has come to you BECAUSE of snail mail. What is your letter writing process/what do you include in the letters? How does sending letters contribute to your self-identity? What is the most creative letter you have sent? Have you ever met a pen pal? If you sent this in your letter that would be amazing, but I also need a few people willing to be talking on the film as well sharing these stories. Ideally I will interview you on skype or another free video service that you prefer. If you are more comfortable doing it on your own then you can record yourself on a DSLR camera OR if you have a great microphone and don't want your image to be shown then you can just record an audio file.
If you know anyone who has interesting stories involving the postal system, whether it be how your grandparents kept in touch through the war or how your friend sends love letters to strangers to make their day or a colleague got a surprise letter from a mysterious person, please send them my way!
I would like all the letters to be coming in through February to assure they will be included so please be prompt sending them out!
Thank you to everything who read this and those who are going to help me out, my email is - feel free to ask any questions you may have!"


  1. This sounds interesting - I will send something in. I hope you are, too.

  2. Damn why is my husband signed into my

  3. Blogger... Btw he didn't hack it... I hacked my own using his profile lol

  4. Interesting, but I have a stack of cards to make over the next few weeks as I am trying to get well ahead of myself with my orders as I may be out of commission for a bit shortly


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