Friday, February 05, 2016

PCAD0177 - Via envelope100 - Carroll Davies

My Postcard a Day takes off due to some surprise postcards I receive and today I got one of them.

I received a wonderful surprise today, well receiving a postcard is not a surprise but how it came about is a surprise. Remember this POST I wrote about Finnbadger? Well the love just keeps coming via this wonderful man. Today's postcard arrived from Carroll Davies who saw my blog on Finnbadgers blog. I had no idea why I would be featured on his blog so I did some sleuthing myself.

Village Bridge Warren, A Queenpost bridge built in 1880 is 105 foot long multi kingpost and burr arch. It carries Bridge St over the Mad River in the Village of Waitsfield. A sidewalk/footpath was added in 1940.


  1. I added your blog to my blog roll because I like your posts, and it is easier than trying to remember what your blog address is :) And since I sent Carroll a snowflake envelope too (I drew her name for the exchange) she may have noticed when the small picture next to your blog showed the snowflake envelope I sent you.

    And I will take the 'wonderful man' compliment any day! Thanks ;)
    And thanks for adding my blog to your blog roll - just noticed that.

    1. I noticed that. Well I added you to my blog roll because I cant subscribe to it, there is no follow button lol

    2. Ha, maybe I need to add one... interestingly I have about 5 followers. Wonder how they followed me?


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