Wednesday, February 03, 2016

WOYWW 348 New Desks

So when the ladies left I started to craft like mad, having people over always gives me a spurt on and that's when I create the most, so this is my craft desk after they left, I crafted well into the night
Now onto my other three desks which I have had to clean up and reshuffle around. This is my study desk-yes I am back to studying via correspondence a Business Administration/Management course. My course work finally arrived 3 weeks later, after many phone calls and emails trying to chase up where these went, I think they didn't even send it as the first parcel hasn't even arrived yet. 
This used to be my letter writing desk.
 The letter writing has moved to the other side of the room and became a dumping desk until I have time to sort it all out. I can't stand untidy desks LOL, makes my skin crawl.
 This is my other craft desk where it is in full swing making Pocket Letter Pages, I have a few to do and send off overseas. It's the craze these days. Pocket Letters is to Penpalling what ATC pages is to Crafters. I do both.

Joining Julia and her Stamping Ground to see more desks.
Julia also has a twin blog at Wordpress for those who don't or do not want a google account.
Goodluck to her running two blogs, I can only handle one just like a husband hahaha


  1. you just pipped me to the top spot today, Bridget! Great desks - all of them!! Good luck with your new online course; and all the crafting! Helen #2

  2. Oh yor a busy bee and those pocket letters are a fun thing to do never thought to make a tea one that sounds like a great idea hugs Nikki 3

  3. Good morning Bridget
    My official office desk is always tidy but don't look in the filing trays they are always overflowing. My craft desk swings from being overloaded to empty and waiting for the next project. I'm at my office desk this week completing a VAT return.
    I love the idea of Pocket Letters, they look lovely.
    Lynn // 10

  4. Wow three busy desks ! good luck with th course - i hope you enjouy it. The pocket letters look so cute. Have a great week. Soojay xx 13

  5. Wow Bridget - how do you find time to sleep with correspondence study, cooking, work, craft, letters, pocket letters.... no wonder you were crafting into the wee small hours!

  6. Gosh you have a lot going on. I like the sound of the pocket letters. Good luck with the course. Anne x #19

  7. omg,so much going on. Good luck with your course and good on you Bridget for learning new things and broaden your horizon. Vicky #9

  8. Hi Bridget. luckily I don't need a work desk anymore just a craft desk, hope the course goes well. I always feel the same when I have had people round to craft, just want to keep going which would definitely put me off going back to the business course Lol!
    Happy woyww and happy crafting too when you get the chance, Angela x 24

  9. well, you are busy. If only because you have to tidy the other desks to stop your skin crawling!! Made me laugh that did, when I think of my desk - sorry!! Couldn't agree more about having others to craft with setting you off. Perfect in your space too. Now your eyes are going to be bleary from studying into the night instead of crafting, good for you!

  10. Wow - sounds like you've got a lot going on! I can barely handle one desk lol. I like your pocket pages. Keep meaning to drag mine out but haven't so far lol.

    Happy WOYWW

    Sharon K #44

  11. Hi Bridget, lots to see today on all your desks. I spy a lot of fruit teas in the background, they are one of my Hubbies great loves to drink. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #20 xx

  12. What fun! I love your crafting area so much--and it really helps to have a dumping desk. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #44

  13. I only have one desk and I struggle t keep it tidy.You have 3 desks, I can't imagine how that must be.
    Well done you for starting to study again. Is that something you have to do for work? or do you want to do it yourself? It is not easy to study at home, I know from experience. 'Respect' as they say.
    Happy WOYWWednesday,

  14. Happy WOYWW and congrats on the first place. Pocket Letter Pages? Looks interesting. I am involved in penpalling, but only in my head. I admire all of the wonderful stuff that people send - on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram - but do not have enough hours in the day to actually get involved myself! Ali x #64

  15. Great looking desks and it looks like you had a fun and busy time. I am that way after crafting with others I just want to keep on keeping on! I am a little late getting around but I made it! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week. Vickie #71

  16. You are busy, Bridget. Messy desks make my teeth ache, just like your skin crawling :) Good luck with the correspondence course. Have a good weekend. Elizabeth x #39

  17. I love the idea of three desks......plenty of room for all projects!


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