Friday, February 03, 2012

Friday Fences #19

This is one tall fence, not sure what its trying to keep out because the beach is on the other side of it.
This lady is part of the Meter Maids Surfers Paradise. Located on the Gold Coast, Queensland this is a very touristy place and in 1965 they installed meters which became very unpopular so they introduced the Meter Maids who strolled the streets dressed like this putting coins into the meters ??? why even put the meters up in the first place if they are going to pay for it LOL. 
This photo cost me $5 but it did go to Breast Cancer Fundraising, I did get 3 photos out of it when a lovely tourist volunteered to take our photo.
I you'd like to see more wonderful fences around the world run over to Jan's Blog


  1. Wow some fence, some costume! love your top and your smile too ;-)

  2. Hi there Bridget does look like you had great fun up there on your hols! oh just letting you know that I have and award for you over on my blog - please pop over and take a look and hopefully you will get some more traffic over here - it is one way to spread encouragement! every blessing, Shaz in oz.x

  3. My goodness, that is one huge fence!

    My oldest daughter is in your fair country for a couple of months. She is touring around, trying to see as many cities as possible.
    It is part of her 5 month tour of Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, France, England and then home!

  4. Interesting story behind the fence.

  5. That meter maid story is pretty funny. Maybe I should suggest it for my town! :)

  6. The meters and meter maids sound like one heckova tourist attraction (mainly for the men, I suspect!)

    Thanks so much for linking up with Rural Thursday, Bridget! :)

  7. ha ha! the meter maid outfit made me laugh! :)

  8. Hi, I'm visiting from Shaz in Oz's blog. The flowers from your WOYWW are absolutely gorgeous and I love those photo boxes. What a fabulous idea!

  9. LOL...the meter maid is too funny...makes me wonder what the point is!

  10. I'm assuming the meter maid gets paid to do her job so they pay her and give her money to pay the meters - just not good business sense. :)
    It's a tall wall. I wonder if the beach is behind it if it might serve as a flood wall of sorts too.
    Fun post!

  11. they should also have meter men, for the ladies viewing pleasure ;))))

  12. Great fence and photo! I wonder who pays for filling the meters...the city? Interesting idea. I like her gold outfit...goes with the Gold Coast.

  13. What a huge fence!
    Nice shot.

    Regards and best wishes


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