Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WOYWW #141

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday is here again.
And guess what, one WOYWW last week posted that this phenomenon was in the March Edition of Craft Stamper, so I asked Mrs Dunnit and she kindly confirmed that to me woohoo our desks are famous now I know why our membership grew to a magnificent number and made me put my running shoes on.
I've not had anything on my desk to share because I haven't crafted since I got some devastating news, my mojo went straight out the window. At the same time we heard about 
Whitney Houston's passing, so double whammy.
But I did get something in the mail from a fellow WOYWW that put a sparkle in my week.
Thank you Carol C, you have no idea how much your card brightened up my week, 
especially the sentiments inside
I burst into tears, it was such a touching gesture that came when I needed it most.
She also sent me some altoid tins to alter, I cant believe she remembered that I loved these tins from an online group we were on from a long time ago.
Also on my desk is a printout of a music sheet, I think I got from another WOYWW's recommendation
Carol's card with the touching sentiment.

Because there is nothing on my craft side of the desk I'll show you the other side, the social side LOL decked out with 1 TV, 1 laptop and a second screen, to the right of me is the kitchen, behind me is the toilet, so what more can a crafter ask for LOL

We had a multicultural festival on the weekend and I saw this which my daughter Emma alerted me to when she saw it at the Adelaide festival. 
 Chips on a stick, quiet yummy and quite expensive for one potato but I can say I tasted it
And I went through each and every 200 desk and commented, just in the nick of time and welcome to all the newbies that have dared to show us their spaces.

ok this just arrived so I do have something crafty to show, my new Saleabration goodies arrived, 
maybe my mojo will be in that stash too

Hop over to Julia's Stamping Ground to see more creative desks
There was no comment button on #200 Sian Evans, sorry Sian I couldnt leave a comment for you.
I have also chosen not to comment on blogs that aren't playing WOYWW but using it to gain traffic for their own advertising-my way of protesting this unethical behaviour.

EDIT: After posting this I got some even more unpleasant news, so if any of you have good news to share, it's probably better than mine.


  1. Love your workingplace ) that ink pads looks so invitingly :)

    I wonder how those potato chips taste like )

    Have a happy WOYWW!

    Olga x

  2. Oh those potato chips! They look gooooooood!

    It's not Wednesday here in my part of the world yet, so I'll post my WOYWW tomorrow.....I'm so sorry to hear that you keep getting bad news. (((hugs))) ~Jen

  3. Like the above 2, the chips on a stick look yummy!! lol I am loving the "crafting" side vsr. the "social" side of your desk! Love that idea!! and you visited all 200?? wow, your awesome!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  4. Oh Bridget, I am so sorry things are not going well for you at the moment. Just read your note in red at the bottom of this post. m If you want to talk my email is on my blog.
    On a brighter note, those chips are making me hungry, looks as if it was a lovely warm day too.
    Nice of Carol to send you that card etc - I know Carol quite well.
    Take care - Hugs, Neet 29

  5. Aww Bridget - wish I could be there to give you big hugs - rest assured of my prayers for you.
    Think, this latest news may end up with a new slim you - then DH will complain that he has 'lost' on the deal.

  6. Those chips on stick look delicious, and so do your new goodies!

  7. Hey, Bridget, stop trying to tempt me off my diet with those potato chips!!! Your social area looks like a much calmer spot than crafting areas can be and I thank you for not also showing us the toilet. lol.

    So sorry that you've had bad news and hope that a brighter side will show itself soon. Hugs from California.

  8. beautiful workspace, i was also saddened by the death of Whitney Houston, great workspace, Happy WOYWW 141, thank you for sharing with us, currently #52 at WOYWW

  9. great workspace and it sounds like it is set up well! I like the chips on a stick! It isn't always about the money! Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing. Don't forget my blog candy is still up for grabs so drop by and leave a comment and make sure you are a follower. Vickie #64

  10. What a great work space. Sorry to hear about you bad news, sending you plenty of {Hugs} and {Love}. - Happy WOYWW, Helen T No. 89

  11. Potato chips Yummy!! FANTASTIC workspace and lots of SU products to have a play with, so sorry to hear you are sad at this time sending Hugs x x x May x

  12. So sorry to hear you've had more bad news. I can't believe you managed all the desks, that is very impressive. Thanks for visiting mine last week and yes, I will be sure to share the progress of my quilt, although it may be slow!
    Sending you hugs xx
    Fiona #103

  13. Bridget, I'm so sorry that you have had bad news this week so I'm sending a bug hug across cyberspace. Lovely of Carol to send you a card and the tins, crafting friends are so special and this was very thoughtful.
    Ann B
    Oh, and well done - 200 desks!

  14. ...sorry to hear things are sad for you right now...that lovely card arrived when it was needed most...keep smiling...Mel :)

  15. Chips on the stick??? Yuuuum! Love your control centre/room! Happy WOYWW! Joanna #109

  16. So sorry you have had lots of bad news, i hope things improve for you, I have actually tried one of those 'chips on a stick' here in the UK. (my daughter had one at a fair one time) Very yummy! Hope things pick up for you very soon. Lou @# 91

  17. love to see your creative desk!
    Happy Wednesday :-)
    Hugs Marleen #45

  18. Sorry to hear you've been out of sorts lately. What a great surprise to get in the mail. Hmm, wonder if there was mojo in that card?!?

    Take care of yourself.


  19. Sorry to hear you've had bad news - hope things improve for you - and that your mojo returns (Hazel, WOYW #138) x

  20. I am so sorry to hear about all the bad news you have got lately! I sure hope things will start to look better soon! Love your PC space - and with the kitchen and bathroom so close you never have to leave it :) sounds like a gamers paradise. Lots of Hugs to you!

  21. Hope you have some better news soon, hugs trace x 51

  22. Great workspace and now I'm hungry! LOL! Kim

  23. I'm really sorry you keep getting bad news, I hope the new goodies cheer you up. I was saddened by Whitney Houston too, such a waste.

    Brenda 6

  24. Aw Bridget, am so sorry that you've had bad news, bless Carol, her timing was fab huh, a great pick me up to know you have friends. Your loyalty to WOYWW is outstanding! I'm sure your mojo is bruised too, you just need time to absorb and then you'll feel like some quiet crafting time at your desk. Then your fab looking stash will be very useful...gorgeous colours!

  25. Good Lord!!! I have one computer on my desk - if I had two computers plus a TV I would be a blubbering idiot!!! You are so cute and as you know, mojo comes and goes - your friend was so sweet to send you such a lovely card. Your desk looks busy to me!!

  26. I am glad my package made it and that it brightened your day. It is an easel card. I was sad about Whitney Houston.
    Sending cyber hugs to you my friend.
    Which screen is your favourite. I am google eyed trying to think about it.

    More Hugs

  27. They say bad news comes in 3s so you shouldn't be receiving anymore. Like you I've opted to not comment on blogs who link in but don't play along properly. I love, love, love the stuff you got from Stampin' Up. It almost makes me want to go play and my mojo curled up and died these last few days. And I had a giggle at the chips on a stick. They put everything on a stick these days--deep fried twinkies on a stick. EEK!

  28. Sending waves of positive thoughts to you, Bridget! Take a moment to take them in. Thank you for taking the time to share the picture of the chips on a stick! I am so jealous we have nothing like that here; I'm a total potato lover! Be well.

  29. Sorry to see things not so good, but glad you've got lovely friends to send you good wishes when needed. Fab pics. Take care, thanks for sharing & enjoy this WOYWW. Zo xx 86

  30. Chips on a stick look tastie, love your card! Thank you for my snoop! Have a lovely crafty week HaPpY wOyWw!!
    ((Lyn)) #15

  31. Sorry to hear things aren't good with you at the mo, I hope things get better very soon. I'm sure there is a bit of mojo peeking out from under that lovely new stash, maybe a little crafting can help to take your mind of things. The chips on a stick look delish!! The card you received is very touching, I've made a mental note of that sentiment! x

  32. I hope your mojo is in that stack of goodies too!

    The sentiment on that card is beautiful, I think I will definitely borrow that for a card!

    The chips on a stick look delicious! Just looking at it is making me hungry!

    Sorry to be a day late, I spent all day yesterday on the phone dealing with a Valentine's Day gift that wasn't delivered!
    Happy What's on Your Workdesk Thursday!
    Katie #21

  33. What a wonderful desk full of new goodies!

    And those chips on a stick look so good. I would love those right about now.

    Happy WOYWW! dani28

  34. Dear Bridget so sorry to hear of your double lot of sad news pray that things soon are on the improve and the issues will be blessed of the LORD and sorted to best way concerned - and so glad you have some happy mail that is the way things happen sometimes a little cheer you up like that can mean the world to you!
    - and yes did link over to Julia, actually am no. #18 cos Julia put it up early and when i went over there to check my blog link over worked (tend to check that) I found she was up an-at-em so linked over then! would not have got back to it later in our day so that was good - happy WOYWW! and thanks for popping over, Shaz in oz.x

  35. Sorry to hear of all the bad news you have been given. Hope you can find a little inspiration in the days to come to help you get through this. Cute card.

  36. Sorry to hear you received bad news...hope the days ahead bring lifted spirits.

    That is a yummy looking pile of inks and stampin up goodies. Have to get cracking on with ordering mine.

  37. I have'nt got any good news to share but sending you big "HUGS" to try to cheer you up as it not fun gettng bad news all the time.
    Thoughs chps on a stick look yummy


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