Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Decorated Envelopes October - Elizabeth Oxenfeld

Elizabeth from Charlotte NC, USA has the most gorgeous penmanship that I adore. Even her normal writing on her notes are wonderful. I can only describe like describing the French language, a beautiful song. My eyes glide over each stroke and imagine her writing.

I feel honoured that I am the first Australian that she has sent mail to I think I might be the only Australian that is playing in this exchange.

Of course the stamps are just beautiful too
EDITED for Lisca: This stamp was issued for the Pure Food and Drug Act US33182f 1998 02 03 Commemorative "The U. S. Post Office recognized the 1906 Act as a landmark of the 20th century when it released this stamp, the design of which was based on a 19th century patent medicine trading card."

Feb. 23, 1957 - 3c #1089.  American Institute of Architects Stamp. Issued Feb. 23, 1957 in New York, NY, to mark the centenary of the American Institute of Architects, founded in New York on February 23, 1857, at what is now 111 Broadway. The design employs a modern mushroom-type head and shaft in contrast to a Corinthian Capital. 106,647,500 stamps issued.  Scott Catalog USA: #1089.

This issue of four stamps focused attention on the outstanding contributions minerals have made to making the United States a leader.

Jean Wilson and Jan Hardt organise this monthly Envelope Exchange that I love to participate in.


  1. Wow - what writing - it is gorgeous.

  2. This is a great envelope - the sugar skull is fantastic, and I love how Elizabeth chose stamps with matching colors. And of course the multi-colored calligraphy is sublime.

  3. What beautiful calligraphy! And interesting stamps too. As a geologist I love the stamp with tourmaline.
    The skull is fab. Is it drawn or is it a sticker? It looks like an image they use for 1 Nov (Dia de los Muertos) in Mexico.

  4. Thanks Bridget, for editing and adding all the info about the stamps.

  5. Bridget! This is awesome!!! Thanks so much for posting this! Your post and the comments make my week! You all are so nice!!!

    I'm so glad the envelope arrived - I was worried the watercolor would have blurred...but it did not! Unfortunately, it appears that somewhere in-between my house in Charlotte and your house in Australia there is a mail sorting machine that needs cleaning...haha! Although, for traveling 9,242 miles, it looks pretty good!

    Lisca - the sugar skull is a rubber stamp! Definitely a Dia de los Muertos image. I picked it up at a Michael's craft store in early October.

    Again, thanks for this post! I look forward to more exchanges with you in the future!! :)

    1. hahahaha and can you see the top of the envelope is mangled? How rude aye. I always scan my envelopes before I send them so I know they are pristine before they left me hahaha


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