Wednesday, November 11, 2015

WOYWW 336 - Decorated Envelopes and Birthday Lunch

I echo Julia's words from last week "Doesn't Wednesdays come around quick!!!" This one in particular did, I literally blinked and my desk hadn't changed much...ok I became a dumping ground for various activities in life.
I had to take a left and right photo to fit everything in. Cans of tuna to the left lol. Gelatoes-iridescent medium and memories ink pad, red battery for lamp to be recharged, testing my Australia stamp under the scissors in various colours. Colour burst in the basket that didnt get to find a home. 
Devil Wears Prada book, gelatos stamped out ready to be made into cards. My shower bag that I pack for camping came out to be cleaned up, I like putting my toiletries in a clear plastic bag so I can see whats in it. Various stamps being used. Color Burst in a basket still haven't found a home yet. 
So I can finally showcase my envelopes for October that I sent out as they have arrived at their destinations because I don't know who looks at my blog that receive my various designs. You can see a VIDEO on how to do it by the talented Elizabeth Oxenfeld-love her accent/voice, she also participates in Decorated Envelopes so she got one as well. 
Shoshi I tried to sort of zentangle the first letter of the name and failed miserably. Anyway I am learning slowly and getting better and better each month IMHO
I had a birthday on Sunday, all 55 years of me. The lovely Doreen Worth took me to lunch at Ashmore on the Gold Coast on Monday. Of course we had to go and visit The Stampers Hut and right beside it was this cafe. Nothing told us that it spun out these gorgeous meals. The title of mine was "Satay chicken and Basmati rice" I ordered it because it was something I hadn't eaten in a long time. There wasn't much else on the menu..but oh boy when it came out it was a sight to behold. Of course I offered Doreen to have a taste, she stuck her fork and knife into it and I yelled out "STOP PHOTO" HAHAHA I remembered just in time to take a photo unlike my HALF EATEN PHOTO HERE. So to describe this sumptuous meal, it had friend onions, quinoa, toasted almonds and the peanut sauce was to die for. My mouth is watering now just writing all this up LOL, so much so that I ordered 2 more of them to take home for my daughter and hubby. I cannot wait to go back again.

Doreen ordered the chicken and bacon wrap and she let me try it. oh my its the sauce on it that made that wrap so tasty, definitely going to order that next time too.
I had goosebumps reading this article, the first of course. Five Ship Spectacular on Sydney Harbour on 25 November, stay tuned! 


  1. Happy birthday, the meal looked delicious :-). How on earth did you take your desk photos? Did you stand on a ladder??
    Hugs, LLJ 2 xx

    1. hung from the ceiling hahahhaa. I dont have long arms like Julia or long legs so chairs and ladders help

  2. Happy returns for the weekend, how nice to be treated by a friend. Looks like those Colour Brst now live in the its al good! Love the envelope, and I think you made a good job ot=f of the first letter!

  3. I too wondered how you took the pics. I like a busy desk - what is on the little cards at the front of your desk on the second pic? I do like to spy. Jackie #15 x

  4. Happy Birthday and always wonderful to celebrate no what age.
    sandra @20

  5. Happy Birthday! I just celebrated on on Nov. 7th. number 66 for this old broad. But I think I'm relatively healthy; just a few minor aches and pains and still going strong. Love your desk...looks like a busy desk for sure. Glenda #25

  6. Happy Birthday for the weekend Bridget - oh wow, what a delicious meal that looks yum!! Love the decorated envelope, it would really stand out from all the bills and junk mail! :o) Annie C #33

  7. Happy birthday Bridget... yummy looking lunch!! Great envelopes. Have a wonderful week Cheers RobynO#30

  8. Hi Bridget, Happy belated Birthday, you definitely seem to have had a lovely day. Good food and craft shopping- what better way to spend it. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #7 xxx

  9. Those envelopes are gorgeous. Well done!
    Your desk looks as busy as ever. Just wondering what the tins of tuna are doing there... I suppose it has nothing to do with crafting....
    The meal looks scrummy.. (I tend to forget to photograph too and my DH will remind me most of the time).

    Have a great week,

  10. PS: I love you new header with the poppies !

  11. You look like you have a lot going on! Your meal looks so delicious! What a lovely way to spend a birthday.

    Suzanne #46

  12. Many Happy Returns and love those envelopes.

  13. Happy Birthday to you! the meals look gorgeous and are making me hungry ( just had dinner, too!) not sure about the tins of tuna on a craft desk, but hey there you go!! the postcard on your blog header is just gorgeous, and very poignant. Happy WOYWW Helen #6

  14. Those envelopes look fantastic, and you are lucky to have such amazing stamps to go with them. And happy birthday!

  15. Happy Birthday sweetie. Sure I've seen the photo before at the top of your blog. Have a great woyww and happy crafty week, Angela x 21

  16. Happy Birthday .....Your meals look delicious. Wild windy storms just went through. More on the way for tonight, so trying to get in more visits. Love your envelopes. Enjoy a great week

  17. Happy belated birthday, Bridget! I love all the foodie photos. I cooked my first proper meal today - a liver casserole full of lots of good things, and we both enjoyed it. Enough to feed the freezer too!

    I love your decorated envelope and I don't think you "failed miserably" at all - I love your letter!

    Yet another WOYWW missed by Shoshi I'm afraid. After all my exertions sorting my kitchen, I have crashed a bit over the past couple of days. No time or energy for anything creative in the studio. Lots of hospital appointments coming up too - the first one was this morning. It all takes time.



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