Friday, November 06, 2015

Interesting Reading - Facebook Changes to Messages

Facebook changes to the way the OTHER box of messages will operate

15 Ways NASA through the International Space Station is looking at benefits of earth. Who knew that BOEING was involved in the Space Station. I guess a shuttle is just an aeroplane of a different sort going to a different place.

I love construction anything crafty, I came across this video and loved it that I had to archive it somewhere for me to come back to as well as share with all the other crafty geeks out there. I have no idea what its called as its in Spanish I think. I will call it a triangle envelope because thats what it looks like. She is called Crafting Geek.

This woman must have 2 tongues and 2 throats, Polyphonic overtone singing, in two tones by one person AMAZING.

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  1. You certainly are widely read Brisget!!


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