Monday, November 16, 2015

PCAD 146 - Vitebsk Memorial - Olia

This came from Olia but i cant work out what it is as its in Russian so if someone can decipher it for me below and let me know i would love to put the description in.

EDITED: thanks to Denise and Lisca I now know what it is Vitebsk Memorial  

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  1. What i do in these circumstances: I find the alphabet on Google. In this case you'd have to find the Belorussian alphabet. Then feed the words into an online translator. I have done it a few times and it has worked.

  2. Hi! Lisca is right that the stamp says Belarus. However, the text on the postcard is written in Russian, my second language. It says: "Vitebsk. Memorial complex dedicated to Soviet freedom fighters, partisans, and resistance workers of Vitebsk, located on Victory Square." Vitebsk, like many Soviet cities, suffered a lot during WWII.

  3. THANKS Denise I will research and enter more details now, and Lisca, sounds like too much hard work LOL

  4. Wonderful results of the translation, and a striking memorial.


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