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WOYWW # 335 - Foiled and Ink Technique- Melbourne Cup 2015

This was my desk/dining table in the craft room when a fellow Crafter Doreen Worth came over to spend a wonderful day with me laughing and creating. Lots of mess and inky fingers. below is the results of this glorious day. 

I was trying to replicate this Foiled Technique by Penny Ward and as you can see it turned out nothing like it hahaha

Yesterday we had the biggest horse race in the world, and the most expensive. The Melbourne Cup is Australia's most prestigious Thoroughbred horse race. Marketed as "the race that stops a Nation", it is a 3,200 metre race for three year olds (horses that is) and over.

There was only one horse that was Australian, all the rest came from overseas, that is what this race commands, all these overseas investors.  I think the horse owner wins $3million. Anyway I bet on the winning horse $5 each way and won $466 woohoo it paid $86.70 to win and $21.60 to place and I put $5 to win and $5 to place, should have put more on it. They say they have never had a horse pay so much and be in lane 19 win, creating more of a history. It is unheard of that a horse that has 100/1 odds could win this prestigious race.

The winning horse created history, the rider Michelle Payne is a female and she is the first female to win the Melbourne Cup Race in its history.  Her brother Stevie  Payne is the horse's strapper and has Downs Syndrome is now famous. I never knew what a strapper was before yesterday, Stevie and Michelle are going to do so much for Downs Syndrome awareness. This race was just so awesome in so many ways.

Now the horses owners are a story in itself, POP nearly died in February of various complications. The Syndicate, Mike Botting, Greg Williams, Sam Brown, Scott Jenke, Adrian Brown and Tim Ashdod - a podiatrist, engineers, It consultant, solutions expert and a producer hid it from their wives that they were saving up to buy a horse as one last try because previously they had owned horses that didnt do well.  oh the horse is called Prince of Penzance or POP, Horse profile

I dont really follow horse racing but I love this once a year race. This is why this race is so unique, a horse bought for $50,000 won the race that usually attracts more expensive horses.

Joining Julia in her Stamping Ground to look at desks all around the world


  1. Oh yes, that race stops this nation too - and has done for years - Oh BTW, the horse is NZ bred :-).
    Your cards look fabulous Bridget, and I am popping over to see what you were motivated by :-)

  2. It makes the news here in the UK too! Great cards, and love the desk - happy to find you as the link didn't work for me today, not sure if it's me or you.. lol! Happy WOWYY Helen, #5

  3. Your link didn't work, had to click on your name for your comment on Patsy's blog. Love those cards. I actually think they turned out better and more colorful than the card whose technique you were trying to follow! News of the horse race did not make it here. Exciting to read about it. So what crafting goodies are you going to buy with your winnings?

  4. Lovely cards and a great story to the Melbourne Cup.
    sandra de @19

  5. Oh my, Bridget - what a treat - backing the winner. Enjoy. I like the cards you have made with your friend - they look really good.
    Thanks for the visit and the comments. That fungus was amazing - I don't think I have ever seen one like it before - and so similar in colour to the tree stump.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  6. I'd never heard of the female jockey before but was whooping it up when she were you! Love the product of your crafty day with your friend too,
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xx

  7. I would love to have a crafting friend to craft together, I believe you can get so inspired from one another. Luckily my son (only 6) loves to craft so I have my buddy there. Wow, what a winnings what goodies can you buy, now your husband has to invest less lol. butterfliecrafter #12

  8. Haven't you ladies created some wonderful cards there! I can't say I'm into horse racing, but I LOVE horses. They're such gentle, timid creatures. They do scare me because they're so big, but I know they would never willingly hurt anyone. Have lovely week down under! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #31

  9. Sounds like you've had a wonderful time all round, Bridget, crafting with a lovely friend and getting nice and messy, and then winning on the Melbourne Cup too! Lol! All I know about horse racing (and the Melbourne Cup) is from reading Dick Francis novels which I love. Not joining in WOYWW this week because still nothing on the desk, and haven't had the energy to do anything this week.


  10. Hi Bridget, saw this on the news yesterday, it's amazing and Stevie looked so happy. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 23

  11. Hi Bridget, a very interesting story about the horse, and the race. I know it makes the news over here, who won it. Don't get all the background detail though. Love the card you made. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #7 xx

  12. Your cards look beautiful!

    Greetings, Sofie #11

  13. What a great story about POP! I had to look up the meaning of 'strapper', but I think we would just call it a 'groom'. I looked at the links and it was great to see a photo of the jockey(ess) and her brother. A real feel good news item.
    BTW your cards look great. I don't know what the foil technique is supposed to look like so don't worry. They look fab.
    Have a good week,

  14. Wow, what a great story! Congratulations. In the meantime, what pretty artwork you guys did. There's nothing like crafting with a friend. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #40

  15. I love the way your cards turned out! They're beautiful! :) Great info about the horse race. I like the postcard at the top of your blog too. Is a postcard supposed to be mailed to you in an envelope, or just as is? Should it have a message on it or not? Not a collector/xchanger, so I don't know the rules.
    Nann 4 #37

  16. It's so lovely to read that you had a great and fun time crafting with a chum, the cards are great. It's grand to read of the association between Downs Syndrom awareness and the prestigious cup race, that's so positive. And the freezer wrap on my desk...I use it between die and card stock to make it easier to get the complicated and fine die cuts out in one piece!

  17. Hi Bridget....I picked second place but my knowledge of horse racing reverts to picking the jockeys colours that I like....I picked the wrong purple. Have a great week RobynO#28

  18. Beautiful cards, I must look up that technique. The desk looks like you had a busy time with your crafting friend.
    Best wishes,
    Lizzie J # 35

  19. I have heard of the Melbourne Cup so it must be famous. You did well with your bet - remind me to get a tip from you next time.
    Hugs, Neet 8 xx

  20. What a nice big table to work on! I read about the race and that two horses died. I love looking at running horses- so graceful ! Patsy

  21. Fab makes! We love horse racing in fact my son wants to be a jockey. He is at The British Racing school in Newmarket doing a course to start his career. He often talks about one day he may get to ride in the Melbourne Cup! Take care Zo xx 32

  22. Inky fingers are a sure sign of a great day crafting and well done on the win.
    Thanks for visiting my desk already


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