Friday, November 27, 2015

Interesting Reading

Not so much reading this week

At three this cute kid has his career down pat

What a wonderful duty to society this gentleman is doing Lowell Joerg scouring old postcards and sending them back to where they belong, he doesn't charge much either LOL

Rhonda has a recipe here for homemade muesli

Always wanted to make my own tomatoish sauce from scratch so HERE and HERE part one HERE part two it is.

This post office in remove Iqaluit Nunavit where the 7000 residents have to come and pick up their own parcels and letters. What a busy post office that would be.

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  1. Hi Bridget! You found some really interesting things again to read about.
    The post office in the Northern territories is a great article, as is the bit about the chap who finds antique postcards and sends them to the people in the actual buildings.
    Thanks for sharing,


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