Monday, January 19, 2015

Down to Earth - Cleaning the Pantry

Rhonda Hetzel of Down to Earth put out a challenge to clean out our pantries. I took up that challenge because my pantry is driving me up the wall. This is Rhonda's Challenge post and this is her revamped pantry all neat and tidy. As you can see I cant find a thing in my pantry hahaha but I know where it all is.

So here is my pantry before the makeover:
Top Shelf

Middle Shelves

Bottom Shelves
As you can see I have cardboard on all shelves, I used to have butchers paper but it keeps moving. So this time I cut up all the boxes that all our goods came in and lined the shelves. The shelves with the have something leaked on the cardboard so will have to make another shelf protector. Of course its going to take me longer to fix my shelves instead of the week that Rhonda gave us.

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  1. Looks as though you have quite a job ahead of you - and now you have shown us the start, you will have to show us the finished project :-)


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