Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ivan and Ngans Wedding cards

My favourite sister requested I post the cards we made for my brother and sister in law's wedding in December 2014, so I must oblige her. Its great we that we share a hobby together, such a same that we are separated by an ocean-she lives in New Zealand. What a lot of trouble we would get into - craft-wise- if we lived on the same continent.

That is my card above, we made it the night before the wedding, no pressure!!! As my friend Sandra M says, I create better under pressure lol. I made the bow using my Bowmaker.

This is my sisters creation, it is huge, she said she likes making large cards, I should have taken a photo of both cards together to compare the size.

 There are 5 of us siblings. The two brothers in the photo above are twins, as mischievous as twins can be when they were young but absolutely adorable.
The married couple Ivan and Ngan, and did I say she was a good cook? Its an understatement, she is an awesome cook. I'll just move to the back of the line in the cooking stakes behind everyone else.


  1. What a stunning card you made Bridget - your sister's card is remarkable too!

  2. Lovely cards and lovely photos.


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